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Club Ticket Bank

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Football Fiesta is proud to support Local Grassroot Football Clubs through our Club Ticket Bank Scheme. It’s free to join and allows clubs to start earning back on every ticket purchased through their club. Join us and start promoting our exciting football events, while also earning funds for your Club’s future endeavours.

Cardiff City Academy at Football Fiesta

How it works...

The Football Fiesta Club Ticket Bank is a unique opportunity for football clubs to save money while enjoying the best football events. For every ticket you buy, we put 50p into your Club's Ticket Bank to use towards Tickets, Parties, Exclusive Hires, and more. All we ask is that you spread the word about Football Fiesta and reference your Club when booking, either online or in venue. Don't miss out on this amazing offer and start building up your Ticket Bank today!

Step 1

Simply email and tell us the name of your Football Club and you're set up! 

step 2

Tell the members of your Club to add your Football Club to the booking either online or in the Venue and we'll add 50p to your Clubs Ticket Bank for every ticket purchased. 

Step 3

Call or email the Venue when you would like to redeem your Ticket Bank balance and you can use it towards Tickets, Parties and Exclusive Hires! 

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