Football Fiesta’s Mobile Impact

As Football Fiesta develops and grows as a visitor attraction and leisure space we aren’t losing sight of our other commitments and aims.

We are so proud to be delivering extended school sessions for 5 schools in Wales through our education team.

We are still in discussion with organisations regarding humanitarian work and the UN Sustainability Goals since AIDEX / Development 2030 in Belgium last year.

And also the discussions we had in Belgium has helped us to develop the container-based activations and opportunities that we introduced at AIDEX.

The essence is SAFE – FUN – SPACES which offer Entertainment (Fan Zone in a Box), Learning Environments (Classroom), Fun (Playground), Well Being and Development & Personal Development (Development) and also enclosed safe spaces where the location / environment requires it.

There is a long way for us all to travel in all of this but the opportunities and needs in a variety of industries and locations require innovation and enthusiasm – which, we believe, we have in abundance.


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