Here at Football Fiesta we aim to give customers an enjoyable hour in the park whatever their age, ability, sex or race.

We understand that everyone is different, and some people may require extra support. We give people who require extra support on the activities our time to help make it enjoyable in your own way and to achieve your own personal wins.

Football isn’t all about kicking a ball as high or as hard as you can there are other skills in the game. 

The majority of our activities can be adapted to using other footballing skills like throwing or heading a football if this can help someone to enjoy the activity more.

We encourage individuals to try activities that look more appealing to you (we have over 20 different activities to achieve this) then as confidence may grow, you can try other activities to your own liking and ability. 

Activities are not often shared which allows you to be alone in them and grow in confidence. 

We also have footballs in different sizes, some people may find using a small football easier on some activities but a bigger football on others as long as your own goal in the activity can be achieved using what you are comfortable with.  

Similarly we have a range of balls and equipment to suit different requirements from foam balls to hoops, plastic balls to modified balls for partially sighted players.

Our aim is to help you make your time at Football Fiesta a positive experience in the park and have the desire to come back again and again.

We are very proud to have an “Inspiration Ambassador” in Tilly who encapsulates everything we do around making Football Fiesta as inclusive and accessible as possible:

Thursday evenings are our Additional Needs / Quiet sessions and run from 6pm – 7pm & 7pm – 8pm.

We can also provide exclusive sessions for groups or individuals to make the most of the space and activity for their members, pupils or group.

“Wow, what an amazing last session of our Summer Programme 2020! Football Fiesta Cardiff offer so many fun inclusive activities, catering for all”AP Cymru
“This session has blown me away. I’ve seen my daughter, who is normally not physically active, enjoy sport through play and enjoy every second”Parent
To discuss any specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by
phone on 0330 055 3263 or email at